When and How Can A Criminal Attorney Be of Help To You


You still have rights even if you are charged with a criminal offense or you are being investigated as a suspect to a crime. Take note that in Raleigh and most cities, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. To protect your rights you will need the help of a criminal defense attorney.

A typical criminal lawyer in Raleigh at www.fanneylaw.com represents the defendant in court. Some of these lawyers are referred as public defenders. These public defenders are hired by the federal government for those who cannot afford to hire an attorney. On the other hand, there are criminal attorneys who do private practice. Needless to say whether you personally hire a criminal defense attorney or have the court assign a public defender, your rights should be protected every step of the way.

The advantage of hiring your own defense attorney at fanneylaw.com is that you get to select who to hire. There are numerous ways to find a good one. Usually criminal lawyers earn their reputation through the people that they have represented or the cases that they have won. Take note that high profile attorneys who have represented celebrities and high profile personalities may also charge a high fee. But do not despair because there are those who do private practice who are just as good but charge a reasonable rate. So how do you find them?

You can try the local newspaper if you are looking for a local criminal attorney or you can also use Google. Take note that these sources will give you dozens, even hundreds of results so you still need to do some research to make sure you end up with the one who is really good. Narrowing down your list will take checking into the work history of that lawyer from cases he has won to what former clients, if you can find them and talk to them, have to say about that attorney.

If this seems like a big job to do when you have little time in your hands you can call your friends, family or colleagues and ask for referrals. They may have personally or someone they know may have gone through the same ordeal so they may know of an attorney that is reliable. When asking for referrals try to approach a family member or a friend who has connections to a legal firm as they may have better insights about the attorney that they are recommending. Better yet, you can end your search now and go to this link, to find a good criminal attorney in Raleigh, NC. To read more about the benefits of getting the best criminal lawyer, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/lawyers/.